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DELIVERY 1: Premium Subscription £6.98
Issue 1: All large-format Major Arcana cards from the Golden Art Nouveau deck and storage box PLUS, bumper step-by-step 28-page magazine, Part One of ‘Deck in Detail’ and 8-page series guide.
Issue 2: First half of the Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot deck, storage box and your next gold-foil card. PLUS your FREE MAGAZINE BINDER.

DELIVERY 2: Premium Subscription £7.99
Issue 3: Second half of Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot deck together with your next gold-foil card and Part Two of 'Deck in Detail' PLUS your FREE GOLDEN ART NOUVEAU POUCH, worth £10.

DELIVERY 3: Premium Subscription £15.98
Issues 4 & 5: The entire Thelema Tarot deck and storage box with fascinating, fully illustrated step-by-step guides and your next two gold-foil cards. PLUS your stunning free TAROT JOURNAL worth £12.

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